Total Loyalty Company is a leading provider in providing corporate wellness and staff engagement solutions in Hong Kong for companies of all sizes.

Total Loyalty Company is a Hong Kong registered company, providing innovative work-life balance solutions for Asia, from employee wellness programs, staff engagement solutions, employee perks to event management services.

Our team is headed by Sam Lau, who started the concept of “staff club outsourcing” in Australia in 1995, where this has now developed into a thriving business. With over 20 years’ experience in this space, he brought the employee engagement concepts to Hong Kong and adapted them to suit the Hong Kong environment.

Work-life balance is top of mind of many HR leaders in Asia, but when they look to the US or UK for direction, many of the proven initiatives like working from home or flexible working hours are not necessary solutions that fit the Hong Kong or Asian work culture. Staff engagement is also high on the agenda especially with needs arising from annual staff survey results. Many HR teams are looking for fresh ideas on how to tackle these issues and are looking for a year round solution rather than just adhoc “quick fixes”.

Total Loyalty Company identified these early on, and has developed a unique methodology to achieve better engagement, developing staff communities that works for the Asian workplace and has been offering practical and proven solutions for many companies in Hong Kong.

Our aim is simple – we want to help our clients create happy workplaces. We want their staff to want to tell their friends and families how their employer looks after them with unique perks and offers. We want to give them opportunities to brag about their place of work. After all, happy employees are going to go that extra mile for you. They are more engaged, more productive and more creative. Its more than just staff retention, it’s about being truly part of the team to drive your business forward.

We call these staff loyalty programs.

Do get in touch with us to let us show you some practical examples of how our methodology works, and how we can help you develop a healthy, happy and productive workforce.

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