#SingaporeShowcase – Shopee

If you’re a shopaholic, you must have heard of us! We are Shopee, a subsidiary of a company called Sea (NYSE:SE), which is an Internet business responsible for mobile gaming laboratory Garena and e-wallet service AirPay.

Shopee is an eCommerce platform that customises ourselves for local users throughout Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Users like shopping with us because of our tailored content, range of products, lowest price guarantees, secure payment system, fuss-free logistical support and live customer service chat.

Power of Tech

Everyone at Shopee believes technology has immense power to transform social makeups and individual well-being! As a result of that, working day and night to create the most seamless eCommerce platform for buyers and sellers alike is our priority. As shopping on mobile devices increasingly becomes the new norm, we want to craft the most enjoyable shopping experience for all users.

To attain these goals, we must remain focused, and having customer-driven values help us do so. Shopee serve both buyers and sellers to the best ability, and run with urgency to ride on rapidly-shifting market forces. The other key is to remind ourselves to be humble no matter the height of success, and adapt to changes that happen both externally and internally. Most of all, we commit to our mission and our community.

Shine Bright Externally and Internally

Just take a look at our LinkedIn page and career blog, we’re all about bright colours, fun activities and interesting colleagues!

Shopee hires a diverse population of people who are equally measured in work ethics and functional capabilities. Our workplace is where employees find friends, resources and encouragement, which are what our employer brand also aims to capture. With that, we welcome all Hong Kong applicants to join us!

Employees are Treasures

Almost every tech company, especially those with a high millennial demographic, has free food and fancy welfare in tow. Shopee does welfare bigger and better with in-house wellness classes (Muay Thai, beer yoga), creative workshops (cookie-painting, calligraphy) and large-scale events (annual company day out)! There are also interest groups of nearly every kind.

Perks aside, it is really the learning initiatives that sets us apart. Behind every training session lies a thorough learning needs analysis, which, in turn, creates targeted development opportunities for employees across departments and expert levels.

Take fresh graduates for instance. Their wide-eyed idealism is often derailed by the anxiety involved in transitioning into various work environments. What they lack is neither resilience nor endurance, but rather, guidance, which more companies can afford to provide.

Therefore, Shopee has developed a Shopee Fresh Graduate Bootcamp, a topical six-session course that aims to help our participants navigate through the darker recesses of work. Additionally, there is the occasional panel discussion, where senior colleagues step up to share their experiences and answer any question the audience may have. This is rather similar to the structured Mentorship Program, which pairs younger colleagues with more experienced ones for learning purposes.

There are plenty of learning opportunities here, especially for those looking to develop their data and coding skills. Shopee’s dedicated Learning & Development team has conceived a “Data Month”, which gives all employees unparalleled access to data-related courses. The insatiable thirst for knowledge has also shown itself in the Software Engineering team, which has, on its own, spearheaded and sustained weekly functional sharing sessions open to all software engineers. If all that is not enough, Shopee also provides subsidies for online courses and external trainings!

/Never wanna let you go/

Shopee employs a competency-based performance appraisal system that fosters a high performing culture. We have also put in place a mobility program as part of career progression for our people.

In addition to formal structures, Shopee gives its employees a wide berth to challenge themselves as community contributors. This is free-game, whether it is being a guest speaker at internal training sessions (e.g. Shopee Tech Bootcamp, National Data Science Challenge 2019 mentoring clinics), community meet-ups (e.g. with PUGS, Spark+AI) or their alma maters.

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