What we do

RaSpect is an AI building inspection company that received a seed investment from Alibaba Venture Capital in 2018. Co-developed by Alibaba Group, Sensetime Group and Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, it has become one of the key companies in the HKAI Lab. We are developing a brain for building inspection which improving the safety of architectures and reduce the economic loss and human life.

Why we do

Our mission is to create a safer, smarter society through AI inspection technology. Through the use of satellite data for macroscopic inspection, micro-detection by using built-in IoT sensors, and automatic inspection through drones, after a comprehensive analysis of the above data, it can effectively assess the potential risks of architectures and calculate the degree of damage. In general, our solutions not only provide more accurate detection and analysis than traditional practices but also save more than 50% of the time and cost.

How we do

AI-powered Inspection • Structural integrity, Material Deterioration Cracks, Corrosion detection Robotics​ Inspection​ • Automated remote inspection of pipes, drums and vessels. Unmanned NDT Inspection Predictive Inspection • Simulation, Performance Model, Parametric Analysis IoT 24x7 Inspection • Reduced Machine Downtime, Increased Safety, Data-driven Inspection