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What we do

CYCO Smart Pillbox
Pillgo Smart Pillbox
Qualife focuses on the forefront of data mining in healthcare through the development of AI-enabled Internet of Things (IoTs). A smart pillbox, Pillgo, was developed aiming at addressing the global medication compliance problem by helping users build a regular medication habit and enhancing their medication adherence. This is achieved through accurate pill-taking reminders, remote monitoring function for caregivers, comprehensive medication records and integration with biomarkers. Data generated from Pillgo unlock unique insights for healthcare practitioners, pharmaceuticals and insurance companies.

Why we do

Qualife is an intelligent healthcare data business that potentially utilizes AI and biotech to offer data and insight for healthcare practitioners, pharmaceuticals and insurance companies. There are approximately 125,000 premature deaths and additional healthcare costs of US$100 billion in the United States per year due to lack of adherence. As such, we have developed smart pillboxes, CYCO and Pillgo, to enhance user’s medication adherence and fill the medication compliance problem globally. By launching a new generation of smart pillbox to the market, we hope to improve medication adherence and facilitate medical effectiveness. We believe that this is the key to reducing consumers’ medical expenditure by maintaining a guided, systematic medication habit. On top of creating a stress-free life for users and caregivers, we target to speed up user’s recovery time, reduce medical costs and prevent treatment failure in the long run, through recording and analyzing users’ data, alongside value-added services such as preliminary diagnoses and medical suggestions. By creating a patient database, we shall collaborate with stakeholders of the healthcare industry to cultivate improvement and innovation in medical services and products.

How we do

Qualife was awarded as Early Graduation by the Cyberport Creative Micro Fund Programme, and we are being funded by the PolyU Tech Launchpad Fund Programme. Moreover, our Kickstarter campaign was successfully held recently with over 157% funded. We were also featured in the ALPHA Programme of global conferences, such as RISE and Web Summit. Angel Funding Round is completed as well. In the coming days, we will conduct a research with the Medical Centre of the Chinese University of Hong Kong on the topic of how smart pillbox improves medication adherence. Also, we will launch another crowdfunding project on Indiegogo. Find us at https://www.pillgo.co and Facebook @mypillgo.