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What we do

Qing Cleansing Oil. 🍃 Brightening, detoxifying, clarifying and compatible with every skin type.
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PUREARTH is an iconic, award-winning wild-harvested, artisanal skincare, and wellness brand, which offers ancient Ayurvedic wisdom for a modern lifestyle. 來自古代喜瑪拉雅的Ayurvedic 智慧,結集成奢華的現代有機美容產品。 公平貿易 純素 零殘忍 We value clean beauty and wellness. Founded in 2014 by Kavita Khosa, the brand offers an award-winning, artisanal skincare collection, carefully formulated by hand in micro-batches, harnessing the potency of rare and precious botanicals wild-harvested ecologically or cultivated organically by farmers and grassroots producers at soaring altitudes in the pristine Himalayas.

Why we do

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We equally value the ingredients, maker, and you. Each Purearth creation you buy makes you a co-creator, supporting fair trade, income generation for grassroots producers and marginalized women, and reducing gender bias. Born from a desire to reconnect with the Earth, we seek to foster a culture of conscious consumption, working with microcredit women self-help groups in the soaring altitudes of the pristine Himalayas, reducing societal inequities and gender inequality.

How we do

Our environmental initiatives support biodynamic and organic farming methods, carbon offsets through reforestation projects, sanitation, eco-toilets, and women’s health and wellness programs by partnering with NGOs, CBOs, women micro-credit and self-help groups in the remotest villages of the Himalayas. Join the movement, gather PureSeeds & grow with us! (IG: @purearth.hk @purepurposefoundation)