What we do

香港外展是一個註冊慈善及非牟利教育機構,透過不同的個人和群體戶外活動,激勵身心,致力為香港人提供安全而富挑戰性的訓練。 Outward Bound is a non-profit making organisation created to help people discover and develop their potential to care for themselves, others and the world around them through challenging experiences in unfamiliar settings.

Why we do

香港外展是一個註冊慈善及非牟利教育機構,我們旨在透過具挑戰性的户外訓練,讓學員認識自我,發掘潛能,從而推己及人, 關心和幫助社會上其他有需要的人士。 香港外展的每一個課程都會有特訂的教學目標,導師會週詳地計劃課程內容,務求以不同的戶外活動達致這些目標。 我們重視每一段訓練旅程的寶貴學習成果。從基地出發的遠征之旅針對不同年紀的學員,採取不同之路線,讓他們獲得難忘的回憶和可改變自身的經歷。當學員回到基地時,已可運用喚發之潛能,應付未來之挑戰。 We believe that the untapped potential of each person can be discovered through exposure to real and powerful experiences and challenging practical tasks. Such experiences and tasks are at the core of any Outward Bound journey. Outward Bound is intended to be catalytic; to encourage change and help each participant achieve self-awareness and an understanding of others. It embraces both personal development and preparation for life in society. Outward Bound also accepts the inevitability of change, recognising the need to prepare future generations for the challenges to come.

How we do

香港外展有著全港最大的戶外體驗式訓練團隊,我們擁有超過八十名全職員工,而我們的導師身兼全職訓練員、課程策劃和安全督導,他們立志透過訓練,以生命影響生命。 負責帶領學員進行戶外訓練的導師均需經過嚴格培訓,包括為期最多一百天的密集式訓練,包括「遠征課程」、技術及知識教授和評估,以及其他在職培訓。訓練包括群體管理、策劃、教學方法,以及專業技能、風險管理和外展課程緊急處理程序。他們於在職期間會繼續接受本地和國際的培訓。我們用人唯才,導師來自世界各地,擁有不同文化背景;我們的導師除了帶領和指導學員,更懂得運用語言技巧、溝通技巧和專業技能進行培訓。同時,他們均需過無犯罪紀錄驗證,以及持有效的野外急救和拯溺證書。 Outward Bound - is open to all without regard to race, social class, occupation, gender or nationality - uses direct dramatic experiences in new and unfamiliar surroundings - demands adaptability, self-discipline, resourcefulness and perseverance in the face of challenge and uncertainty - provides personal development through the challenge of the sea and other natural elements - fastens the ideas and practices of active participation in the setting of a supportive community - encourages participants to co-operate with others, to give service to and to accept responsibility for others - stimulates the imagination and a sense of adventure, as well as fastens true appreciation and concern for the environment - places emphasis on practical work in small groups with adequate time for reflection, discussion and critical appraisal