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What we do

Ohanae is creating a new opportunity for capital markets innovation. Ohanae is redefining investment banking. We are putting investment opportunities into the hands of not only more investors, but also a wider range of investors.

Why we do

Ohanae has created a platform where investors can find investment opportunities to participate in various fund-raising programs easily, quickly, and reliably. We do this by marrying blockchain technology to stablecoins that are strictly tied to the US dollar, to invest in assets represented by equity tokens. This platform has the potential to disrupt the way companies raise capital and provide liquidity to investors. The Ohanae Platform is a comprehensive end-to-end solution that allows companies to fundraise using stablecoins and equity tokens to combine the benefits of digital assets and traditional financial contracts and provides a technology that ensures the integrity of the trade and the ownership. Our goal is to ultimately lower barriers to entry and improve access to capital market services in order to encourage innovation.

How we do

Ohanae is focusing on the tokenization of real-world assets on the blockchain which comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements, building the technology components to support the global adoption of the Ohanae Asset Tokenization Platform. Ohanae is one of the first leading equity token issuance and compliance platforms in the industry to launch its own equity token to raise capital that will be used to develop a crypto-solution for equity token liquidity (equity tokens are digital representation of shares in a company). With the Ohanae Platform, there is no server or software to buy or manage. Enterprise users focus solely on building smart contracts, the platform provides stablecoin for payments, file security, document tracking, and identity & access management based on self-sovereign principles. If the blockchain world interests you, this is an opportunity of a lifetime.