What we do

Milestone Beverages is an independent Asia Pacific Wines & Spirits business that focuses on innovation, brand building and advisory. Currently working with Distribution Partners in markets across Asia Pacific and Europe, including major retailers like Costco, Carrefour, Dairy Farm, Hite Jinro, SM, Dan Murphy’s to name a few. We have a strong work ethic, with a convivial, entrepreneurial culture, focused on delivering results. Brands include: BLOWFISH Australian Wine, ATILIUS Italian Wines, LANGLEY’S Gin, TAISTEAL Explorer’s Scotch Whisky, NUSA CANA Indonesian Rum, KINGSGROVE Californian Wines, MANATAPU New Zealand Wines, ONIKISHI Japanese Whisky, EL BANDARRA Vermouth and Aperitifs, THREE BIRDS US Hard Seltzer, WHISKEY ROW US Bourbon, PAU MAUI Hawaiian Vodka

Why we do

We set out to create a Hong Kong company focused on building scalable brands, targeted at underserved markets and to the tastes of our landmates across Asia, and then the rest of the world. This includes creating our own brands in categories such as Scotch Whisky which were often oriented towards older male dominated demographics, and adjusting them to cater for traditionalists and newcomers alike, to demystify and democratise quality liquids and authentic stories for all.

How we do

MB prides itself on innovation, brand building and catering to diverse tastes, focusing on customer centric and data driven trends to produce new brands and creations that satisfy our palates and the tastes of a wide demographic. We love the industry and analyse market reports, taste a lot of products and work closely with customers and suppliers to find the ideal market fit for our brands and partner brands within the Asian context or our sphere of influence. We partner with brands with a similar ethos that we personally believe in to fit within a portfolio that can satisfy the needs of the general bar, restaurant, hotel, retail shop and home drinker, with a few niche offerings from independent brand owners.