What we do

Noble Storm is a data driven eCommerce BVI company founded in 2016 based in Hong Kong. As a multi-national e-commerce company target on B2C business, our offices has been expanded to Taiwan and Philippine with over 500 employees.

Why we do

Our international eCommerce business is working with famous online platforms such as Shopify and Facebook, Google, Instagram etc. We provide quality products to customers in over one hundred countries by consolidating the process of supply chain, analysing Ads and customer data, fine tuning our creatives and sales funnels.

How we do

In 2019, Noble Storm has grown rapidly with a group of well-trained digital marketing experts. Our elite teams drive sales record of 9 figures USD with the help of big data analysis and innovative creatives production. Sales Excellence Awards were presented by Paypal to our company for our outstanding performance in 2018 and 2019. With our rapid business expansion, we cordially invite high caliber individuals to be part of our family.