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Supply chain management shouldn’t need to be traditional

Talking about supply chain, most of you may not know what it is, or not even interested in it. Yet, every product you see in different stores has their own supply chain and you are actually a part of it.

After years of working in the logistics industry, Max Ward, the founder of LiberaTrade, thought: It is the 21st century and why most of the supply chain related information is still not “liquified”; why most of the operations are still handled manually?

Therefore, combining his technological background with his experience in the logistics industry, he established LiberaTrade, the AI supply chain solutions startup.

To allow various companies to effectively analyze and understand their data, LiberaTrade’s AI solution helps their clients to visualize their product demand. On top of it is their DemandFlowAI platform which helps predict the market demand in the future. (And these two functions are only part of their complete AI solutions)

Although LiberaTrade has only been established for over a year, their team is already approaching 20 headcounts and you can tell that they’ve grown drastically throughout the year.

Liberatrade's job postings