What we do


Why we do

What we want to achieve #1 of digital live experience and entertainment A journey of interactive and immersive virtual live experience A hub to nurture and implement unreal creativities for showcase/conferences/exhibition A lab to integrate up-to-date technologies for traditional entertainment business A platform that vanish geographical and generational boundaries

How we do

Kre8 spirit: Although you might be wondering, what relationship does a music entertainment company has to a science lab? Collison, activation, trying new things, that's what we are all about! At Kre8, every project we take on will be conducted in the format of an experiment. All our projects are done in the form of an investigation, coming up with our own hypothesis and finding out if it's valid through our researches. I mean, what's the point of repeating what everyone else has already done right? Minecraft concerts, online clubbing, bet you have never heard of these before, have you? We are Kre8- because we create our own games and write our own rules. Kickstart: We are the trendsetters. Much like the footballer who starts the match with a kickoff, we're about to kick off a bunch of new activities you've never heard of! Revolution: To revolutionize, we need to change up old mindsets and to bring forward new ideas in our lives. Entertainment: Our goal is simple, to entertain our audience and even our own team members. Whether if it's through an event, or through music, we aim to bring joy to your everyday lives. Infinity: There are infinite possibilities of what we are about to create and bring forward to the next decade or even century. We are on our journey to creating more for you.