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What we do

We are a retail content activation company  "We bring spaces to ideas, ideas to spaces"   Fleawhere, MOX, Artbox Singapore, and Flashbang are our in-house assets.   FLEAWHERE Fleawhere conceptualises environmental friendly initiatives. Some of such initiatives that Fleawhere believes in, thrifting, eco-friendly, repurposing and upcycling.   MOX MOX is an initiative to build a community of creatives, designers, makers and craftsmen and to promote collaborations. MOX develop platforms such as MOX SPACE, MOX PARK, MOX PARADE to engage with our community.   ARTBOX SINGAPORE Artbox Asia aims to be Asia' largest creative night market of creative designers, makers and craftsmen. We organises large scale creative night market, to engage and attract likeminded stakeholders. FLASHBANG Flashbang is Singapore’s largest creative retail playground to encompass a well-curated market with partying and interactive exhibitions. Its neon lights concept thrives on sensory play and strives to provide an intentional immersive experience for the public. It is a space where local makers and creative entrepreneurs can showcase their brands and products, while visitors at the same time enjoy a myriad of hand-on activities and workshops where they can learn to pick up a new hobby or skill.

Why we do

Invade first overseas retreat!
Founded by Kent Teo, INVADE is Singapore’s first ever real-time retail booking system that allows businesses to rent and list their space in an efficient manner. OUR VISION To be a platform for the bold, the creative and the entrepreneurial and help them grow, connect, and collaborate. Invade, we create spaces of potential. We bring ideas to spaces and spaces to ideas. Invade, "Creative Spaces, Immersive Places"

How we do

Invade team during our cohesion
Our online portal allows businesses to browse through available spaces needs from short-term pop-up stores, to long-term retail spaces, as well as different occasions including bazaars, event and fairs, shared spaces, mobile space and retail spaces. Since we started in 2010, our team have developed and grown Three Key brands: Fleawhere, Flashbang and Artbox Singapore. We have organised over thousands of pop-up events across Singapore and are looking to bring this further, globally.