Our workspace and Culture

What does workspace culture at Hollo look like?

  • Developing cutting edge health technology, bridging: neuro/cognitive sciences, software engineering and data science.
  • Encourage creative solutions and collaborative problem solving
  • Very autonomous roles and self-determination/contribution to the company's vision and roadmap
  • Diverse team of different cultural and professional backgrounds
  • We encourage individuality and ownership over your work
  • Organized, fast paced and results orientated
  • Flexible working patterns as long as milestones are met and meetings are attended.
  • Employee goals orientated, frequent sessions with founders to drive performance and check-in with well-being.

What are the perks?

  • Honor-based time off - as long as its in advance if its a longer period of time. We do this to encourage trust and productivity.
  • We have a learning budget per staff member, actively encouraging new skill uptake, having a growth mindset.
  • Early stage employees are viable for share options

Great! What does the office look like?

We don't have a very glamorous office at the moment, but we have a little humble space in iDendron (HKU's Incubation and Entrepreneurship Centre). Fixed desks in an open air environment - lots of light and surrounded by greenery on HKU campus! We also have a fully stocked pantry with free refreshments and snacks for anyone to grab!

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