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What we do

株式会社学研ホールディングス(東証一部上場)の化粧品部門から独立した会社です。日本・海外の代理店や販売店、個人のお客様に向けて、最高級化粧品・健康食品を販売しています。 About Hirosophy Hirosophy is a total beauty and health care support company that succeeded the doctors' cosmetics of "Art Beaute" series, from the beauty and health department of "Gakken". We keep our research and development of latest science technology since mid 1980's and pursue the beauty and health from the cellular level.

Why we do

今から40年ほど前より、日本のバイオテクノロジーの分野を切り拓いてきた「学研」(株式会社学習研究社)。私たち「HIROSOPHY(ヒロソフィー)」は、学研独自の研究基盤と、ドクターズコスメとして25年の歴史を持つ「アールボーテ」シリーズを受け継ぎ、さらに研鑽をつづける美と健康のトータルサポートブランドです。 Hirosophy was established as a total health and beauty care support company. Our technology is based on more than 40 year's cosmetics and health research and development of Gakken, established in 1947 as a leading company in the biotechnology industry. Hirosophy's doctor's cosmetics brand "Art Beaute" series has been widely used for about 30 years.

How we do

会長自ら自分自身をモニターに、本当に自分が使いたいもの、皆様に心から喜んで頂けるものだけを、と努力して参りました。 従来の「アールボーテ」の天然植物成分を核に、最新テクノロジー研究でより高い効果を追求し、高価な成分を惜しみなく配合、また、体・肌に有益でないものは妥協せず排除しました。 宣伝、流通、人件費などは極限まで省き、大手メーカーではありえないプライスで贅を極めた愛用品を一品一品心をこめてお届けいたします。 As the president of Hirosophy, I have been aiming to design Hirosophy's products for my own daily use and I believe these products will bring joy for every user. All our products are tested and monitored firstly by myself before they are brought to the world. To complement the "Art Beaute" series, our new products are made from the finest natural plant extracts, and highest quality ingredients for beautiful skin. The latest scientific research and technology are applied in our ongoing pursuit of enhanced beauty and health. Any ingredients which are harmful to the human body and skin are strictly eliminated. We spend a minimum on resources for advertising, logistics and labour costs in order to offer our highest quality products at a reasonable price. It wouldn't be possible for other major companies to achieve the same objective. We are confident that every user will find our exclusive products most valuable and joy to use.