What we do

Sprout was launched by Roots Technologies, a startup founded in 2019 by Andy Lee, an ex-Uber Asia Pacific business executive, and Tony Sun, a China product & engineering leader with a PhD in Computer Science from UCLA. Together, they have a combined 40-years of global startup experience launching companies to scale and building up the next generation of business and technology leaders. They saw a gaping need in the global marketplace to digitize our stakeholders information and relationships. In 2019, we were selected to join the Hong Kong Cyberport Incubation Program and survived the great Covid-19 lockdowns of 2020 to launch Sprout. We were self funded and raised our first external round in 2020 with a group of five prominent, early-stage investors. Today, our team is co-located in Hong Kong, Beijing and beyond and we are hiring! Be part of our mission to build better stakeholder management solutions and a stronger support network for us all.

Why we do

Companies face a myriad of management challenges for their most important asset: its people. With antiquated, burdensome tools and offline processes, teams need a better digital solution and it is time to take control.

How we do

The founders of Roots Technologies are professional managers with decades of global experience. Join us and you will have a unique opportunity to work in Asia's premier financial hub while learning the best practices from Silicon Valley, China and Asia Pacific. We will also aim to lead by example with a world class culture that promotes hustle, transparency, empathy, diversity & inclusion and ethical values. This is a startup in which you will learn and be compensated with a competitive combination of cash and a generous equity stake that will also grow as we hit operational and strategic milestones. We will be expanding our benefits to include a full range of benefits, including work visas, MPF, full health insurance and other reimbursement programs. Other perks will be related to creating a fun, comfortable working environment that seeks to balance and award outright sprinting, pure hustle and a sustainable work-life balance. Join us in our mission to help teams better manage their stakeholders and start your journey and build the very rocket ship you will ride.