Two minutes with Fresh Accounting's CEO - Paul Gardner

The Story of Fresh Accounting:

We use the expression “Accounting, but different” to describe Fresh. We're a dynamic management accounting practice and consultancy with offices in Hong Kong and Singapore. Fresh was established in Hong Kong in 2014, and we opened an office in Singapore in 2016. We offer three levels of services to our clients across Asia:

• Firstly, we offer accounting solutions to clients. We've avoided the traditional CPA and tax services and have focused on monthly management accounting services.

• Secondly, we provide FD and CFO services, which is a service we have offered from the very beginning.

• Thirdly and finally, we provide change management and implementation of cloud accounting from local businesses through to global SMEs.

Fresh was one of the first Xero partners in Hong Kong and the first Spotlight Reporting partner in Asia! We see ourselves as a pioneer in many ways of adapting to cloud-based solutions.

Who are our clients? Why Xero?

Our clients are usually businesses running entities across Asia and beyond, from fast-growing start-up to a 500 people MNC. The attraction of using Xero (https://www.xero.com/hk/) as an accounting solution, which allows clients to produce monthly/ quarterly reports in a quicker, faster, and more efficient manner than traditional accounting firms. Traditional accounting usually takes half a day to do reporting and spending time on excel spreadsheets.

The idea of Xero is our clients can get access to their bank balance, revenue, and expenses if you have a phone or tablet on hand anytime and anywhere.

"The API between Spotlight and Xero is strong and once our clients are using Spotlight Reporting, we do not see them moving away from it."

In Fresh Accounting, we spend the time that we saved talking to clients, explaining the numbers, and helping them to make better decisions. The approach we use is by utilising, Spotlight reporting, to turn numbers generated from Xero into graphs and illustration when helps multi-entity business to understand the numbers/ data generated.

Why clients will benefit from using Spotlight reporting?

At Fresh, we've always been a fan of Spotlight dashboards, which is something that attracted us to Spotlight Reporting in the first instance. However, our clients and Fresh have really benefitted from the consolidated reporting piece. Whether it's the team at Fresh, or our clients themselves generating consolidated reporting, we can see the amount of time saved and the efficiencies gained by using Spotlight Reporting.

The ability to automate and generate consolidated accounts in a real-time environment without the need to continuously export data to Excel and manipulate really saves time, especially in Asia where we work across multiple currency environments. There's less room for error and clients can benefit from well-structured and simplified reporting. No more Excel spreadsheets.

We are HIRING! Join Our Dynamic & International Team (Experienced, Fresh Graduates or Students are welcome)

About the Author - Paul Gardner and his team

Founder and CEO of Fresh Accounting, Paul Gardner, is a Chartered Management Accountant with extensive experience working with SMEs and business start-ups. Originally from London, Paul moved to Hong Kong in 2014. Prior to establishing Fresh Accounting in Hong Kong, Paul has been working across several business industries and sectors in London.

The Fresh Accounting team is an international mix of young and enthusiastic talented accountants from around the world with a wide variety of educational backgrounds and working experiences. Our team is multilingual and speaks and writes in several languages.

Original post published on blog.spotlightreporting.com (10 Sep 2019)

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