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What we do

We offer an all-in-one investment platform with access to a range of financial instruments that reflect the diversity of today’s market. From crypto to stocks, eToro offers the ability to make and manage your investments entirely from a single platform. Traditionally, entry into investing has be walled-off to the average person through high fees, inhibitive capital requirements and complicated jargon. With eToro, we have torn down these walls and are leading the Fintech revolution that is bringing people more flexibility and control when it comes to their finances. We aren’t stopping here! We will continue to expand our business and be bold as we move towards a better future.

Why we do

Individuals should be able to independently control their finances. Cutting out the middlemen, the bankers, the fund managers, the capital requirements, and bringing the control to our customers is what inspired the creation of our business. We also wanted to create a community of investors who share information and support each other as they strive for financial independence. With millions of users in over 140 countries, our social trading network is a hub for information exchange and the birthplace of new ideas. Whether it is asking for advice, or even copying a seasoned trader’s portfolio with CopyTrader™; eToro is the place to learn and grow.

How we do

Disruption is key. As a leader in Fintech we are demonstrating that the traditional entities that have ruled finance for centuries are not necessary for success. That being said, trust is crucial in our industry and we understand the importance of compliance and following regulations. eToro takes every necessary precaution to keep our client’s personal information and funds completely secure. We employ the highest standards of cyber security, while our client’s funds are kept safe in tier 1 European banks. Building a community based on trust is also a part of our business. Our users can use our patented CopyTrader™ technology to copy the portfolios of our trusted popular investors, and diversify their portfolios by following any number of leading figures. In our office, we also trust each other to produce results. We work casually (no suit and tie needed) and focus on the success of our clients above all. Working in a fun, supportive environment motivates us to continue to do our best.