1. Brief introduction of your company (What you do, Background, Achievements, Future plans, etc)

About Ensign

Ensign InfoSecurity is Southeast Asia’s largest pure-play cybersecurity firm. Powered by about 500 dedicated, highly trained and qualified cybersecurity professionals, we provide enterprises and government entities with the best-of-breed expertise and skillsets much valued in cybersecurity environments. Our capabilities include:

· Ensign Consulting—provides insights on how organisations can enhance their security posture

· Ensign Solutioning—architects and deploys cybersecurity solutions that bolster defences

· Ensign Managed Security Services—operates Security Operations Centres for advanced threat detection and monitoring

· Ensign Labs—performs deep research to develop advanced threat hunting and early warning detection

Our go-to-market agreements with global partners – such as cutting-edge Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security firm Claroty, scalable cyber intelligence and analytics outfit IronNet Cybersecurity, and premium incident response agency Sygnia – and cross-pollination of information and capabilities, help enhance Ensign’s quality of service offerings.

Awards & Accolades


Hall of Fame

AISP Cybersecurity Awards 2018


Cybersecurity Leader of the Year

AISP Cybersecurity Awards 2018


Managed Security Services Award

NetworkWorld Asia Information Management Awards 2018


Regional Security Operations Centre Award

NetworkWorld Asia Information Management Awards 2018


Managed Security Services Award

NetworkWorld Asia Readers’ Choice Awards 2018


Top 25 Managed Service Providers 2018

APAC CIO Outlook


MSSP Award 2018


2. What is your company's mission and values?

Ensign core values are integrity, empathy, innovation, teamwork, vigilance and the drive to excel. These values guide us in everything we do, and they form the foundation of our organisation. Our mission is to secure the cyberspace of enterprises, sectors, and nations with world-class expertise and innovative technologies. Focusing on our key values and service offerings, Ensign’s vision is to be the trusted cyber defender of choice.


  • Do the Right Thing, Do It Right. Deliver on our promise. Be compliant with ethical and legal requirements. Don’t take risk beyond our capability to deliver.

Empathy and Care.

  • Empathy. Understand and care deeply for clients and colleagues. Putting ourselves in others’ shoes. Respect diverse views. Affinity for all, disparity for none.

Hungry for Growth, Driven to Excel.

  • Hunger/Drive. Passion and dedication. Willing to learn and grow. Develop deep expertise. Stay curious and inquisitive. Be the best at what we do. Soar like an eagle. Deliver and exceed customer expectations.

Always Vigilant.

  • Vigilance. Stay alert. Watchful of potential threats and dangers. Be prepared for what can go wrong.

Innovate to Succeed.

  • Innovation. Stay on the forefront. Invent the future. Conquer the unknown. Disrupt. Raise the game. Keep evolving.

One Ensign.

  • Teamwork. Stronger together. No superheroes, no passengers. Cybersecurity is a team sport. Open, friendly, and supportive. Work hard, play hard. One big happy family.

3. What is your employer brand (What are people's perception of you as an employer)

The ‘Conquer the Unknown’ brand tagline is our rallying
cry signifying our commitment to pursue excellence and brave the evolving
cyber frontier, dedicating our time and knowledge to create meaningful
cyber innovations and solutions for our customers. With this as our purpose, we
envision to attract like-minded individuals to share and pursue this
vision. We train and prepare them for this task. Also helping us achieve
this goal, our strategic global alliances give us access to innovative technologies, information, training and competencies, providing a world-class environment for our people to challenge and develop themselves, while making a meaningful difference in the world.

4. What are the distinct features of your company that makes it a great place to work?

Through our range of integrated services and capabilities, Ensign is able to provide our people with a multitude of experience that will develop and enrich their career tremendously. We celebrate diversity in our workplace, and encourage everyone to work, learn, grow, and have fun together. At the same time, we provide our people with an open yet challenging environment to explore their ideas, and develop their personal and professional skills.

5. How does your company retain its talents?

We believe employees are our biggest asset and this is reflected in our employee training policies. We believe that development can come in many forms, and we advocate the 70:20:10 model for learning and development as a general guideline for employees seeking to maximise the effectiveness of their professional development. Ensign’s genuine commitment to support the development of our employees is reflected in our non-bonded business-critical training policies.

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