What we do

At Disrupt, we specialise in website, app and software development, digital design and marketing. We pride ourselves on providing a high quality product and service to our clients at very competitive prices using our large team of in-house designers and developers across Asia. Our multilingual Hong Kong based management team works with clients worldwide, combining passion for innovation with western quality standards. We open the door to a digital world, so that your clients are always ahead of your competition and provide an ongoing service to keep them there. Whatever our client's needs, we provide clear solutions and follow an organised and smooth work process for the perfect end result.

Why we do

We believe in upgrading businesses to compete in the digital market through providing top quality development and service. Our long term goal is to expand into developing our own in-house innovative technologies that truly Disrupt the global tech market. Our team is young and multi-cultural, with an open minded and family-oriented attitude to build a culture where people of all interests from sports to gaming. We want to continue to build this working culture where team members can flourish and work the way they work best, rewarding them with results, career progression and great working experience.