What we do

We are social media mavens with an international flair engaging brands with creative storytelling, comprehensive strategies, professional video production, meticulous data analytics and social media management in their digital marketing campaigns and needs. “Social Media is about inspiring with an instant and targeted experience, that’s what we do.”

Why we do

“Growing up in the countryside, there were deep inspirational values instilled in the community which naturally helped craft people-centric entrepreneurial stories as everything was about humility, passion and loyalty.” said Albin, founder of Digital Business Lab. Learning and observing the unique Asian trends in social media, Albin believed the evolving landscape was a great opportunity for an agency to offer something different. “The massive space occupied by Social Media in our society pushes brands to be there. We see this as an opportunity to help brands to act as their own media: understanding audiences and producing meaningful content.” One week after his arrival, Digital Business Lab was born.

How we do

In the ever-changing digital sphere, we are a social media marketing agency that stays informed. We approach with a learning mindset and apply a mix of meaningful content, smart data and agile project management. Mission Statement We provide expert knowledge and experience in digital business to our clients with our team of passionate individuals committed to our values. Fuelled by ongoing learning and a holistic approach to business, our end-to-end social media solutions coupled with our hub of digital expertise, inspire and engage audiences to build long-term partnerships with our clients. Curiosity Remain relevant, current and innovative. Love what we do and continue upgrading. Agile Always a step ahead. Entrepreneurship Offer pragmatic, affordable and business-centric solutions and insights to develop businesses.