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What we do

Established in 1984, the Company focuses on offering sales and after-sales services to both Hong Kong and Macau markets. Its comprehensive range of products include sophisticated air-conditioning systems for residential and commercial use, VRV system, water chillers and other hi-tech air conditioning products. The VRV system is distinguished for its energy-saving operation, flexibility in design, ease of installation and maintenance, and has thus been highly acclaimed by commercial and residential customers in both Hong Kong and Macau. Daikin's i-Temp air-conditioner, remarkable for its power-saving, temperature stabilizing and comfort features, has also enjoyed immense popularity in Hong Kong. Other hi-tech air-conditioning products have received strong demands as well, due to their high energy efficiency ratio.

Why we do

We fully understands the needs of its customers, and is dedicated to continue offering professional and quality products and services. DHK is committed: -To use reasonable endeavors to reduce the environmental impacts arising out of its operations; -To use reasonable endeavors to make products energy efficient and reduce pollution; -To use reasonable endeavors to improve the use of resources and minimize waste through improved resource efficiency; -To comply with all relevant environmental legislation and codes of practices in Hong Kong; -To continually improve its performance in the aspect of environmental protection through trainings conducted to its staff and subcontractors, and thus enhances their awareness and competence.

How we do

Daikin ensures safety comes first, and the Group is reputed for its quality products and services. The Group also places much emphasis on "the fusion of the global environment and business management". In all aspects of its business operations, Daikin applies environmentally-friendly practices, and actively promotes the development of new products and inventive technologies that help to sustain and improve our global environment.