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It’s of no doubt that benefits are one of the main concern when one chooses his/her job and we bet most of you have worked in a company where “dissatisfactory” benefits are offered. Well, have you thought about making a change for yourself, and everyone else?

Founded in 2013, CXA Group is Asia’s one-stop, predictive and data intelligence platform for better health, wealth and wellness choices. CXA has transformed the traditional delivery of employee benefits to a digitised and personalised platform. The company aims to shift healthcare spend from treatment to prevention, to improve workplace population health.

We serve more than 600 enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies, and more than 400,000 employees in 20 countries. In 2018, CXA received recognition as InsurTech of the Year from the Asia Insurance Review Awards and was among the top three most impactful innovations at the Singapore Digital Techblazer Awards organised by the InfoComm and Media Authority of Singapore (IMDA).

One Step Further, and Earlier

CXA found that the antiquated pen-and-paper, one-size-fits-all approach to managing these costs was systemically wrong, we thus set out to make it its vision and mission to make employees healthier and happier by shifting healthcare spend from treatment to prevention, taking a step earlier.

We have pioneered a one-stop, self-service health ecosystem platform that allows employers to give their employees access to an ever-widening range of health, wealth and wellness offerings, personalised based on the individual’s health and life-stage data.

Through the aggregation, anonymisation and analysis of digitised health and life-stage data, CXA helps employers get to the root cause of their workforces’ health issues and design specific interventions – such as corporate wellness and disease management initiatives.

Making a “Healthy” Difference

In here, we work not just to make others healthier, but ourselves as well. We want all of our staff to be healthy in every aspect as you may check these out!

Join a young and diverse workforce

- you’ll work with talented colleagues hand-picked from around the world.

Connect to a mobile workplace

- we value results and embrace technology that allows you to work from wherever you

perform best.

Grow your professional and personal development

- we value our people and rely on new skills and learning to move us forward, so we take training seriously.

Balance your life

- we’re flexible, (and human!), so you can be too, with family friendly schedules and incentives to keep everybody happy.

Live well in the workplace

- you’re not just making life healthier for clients. CXA's in-house wellness program (CXA LiveWell) program helps you manage your own wellness while you work.

This is your time. Make it count.

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