Video game Writing Competitions to reward HK Students!

People think that being a good student and being a gamer are two different things: to many, the idea that someone who loves gaming could also have an incredible talent for writing seems impossible!

Well, we know that talent comes in all shapes and sizes!

At CICERO, we want to make sure that students can demonstrate their skills in ways they enjoy. Moreover, when they do there should be recognition of their efforts beyond simple book tokens or gift vouchers.

This is why we launched the creative writing competition 'From Player to Page'. Together with the incredible staff at Lancaster University's Creative Writing Department, we have designed an ongoing competition for students in secondary schools across Hong Kong. Entrants have the chance to write about video games in 3 different writing styles - Review, Narrative and Script - with complementary guidance and worksheets designed and led by the professors at Lancaster there to offer advice and suggestions to all those who enter.

What's more, the prizes we have arranged are FANTASTIC! With experiences and prizes tailored to the type of writing style preferred by the students, there's no reason not to get involved and have the chance to win.

Anyone can learn more by visiting the competition page: www.fromplayertopage.com

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