A great team doing great work

When you embark on something as different and unique as the approach we take to education and learning at CICERO, having members of the team who really understand learning and who approach the field with energy and enthusiasm becomes really important.

Kelly joined the team as our second Edugaming Couse Developer in June of 2020. After acclimatizing to our approach, she became a valued and integral member of the team. Here are some of her thoughts:

"Working in CICERO is one of the best decisions I have made during my university life. I am glad to have worked in CICERO - a family full of warmth and friendliness, for more than half a year. As a teacher-to-be, I would always like to improve my pedagogical skills in teaching. I am inspired by how the innovative teaching strategy - the use of video games, to make English learning more interactive and interesting. Working as a team, we analyse video games, develop lesson materials and evaluate them in regular meetings. It is encouraging to see the team come so far. I am grateful to have learnt a lot here, and the experience will definitely be engraved in my mind."

And there you have it - someone whose whole approach to education was shaped by her time with us. We hope to offer to every new member of the CICERO team the same valuable experience as Kelly, making education better for everyone.