What we do

Portable gaming allows for the administration of learning material via the game to be done without preventing teachers interacting one-on-one with students
Some students have never used video games before and are unfamiliar with their use - but this is ok! We want show students this incredibly effective medium as part of the class experience
We are an educational innovator seeking to transform the way lessons are delivered by incorporating videogames into study in a way that is engaging for students, effective for teachers and conducive to learning.

Why we do

Students take part in learning in small groups of 1.5 hour sessions, or large groups in 2 hour sessions, all as part of an extracurricular learning experience
Games also represent a great way to engage with material online, with many already designed to include group interaction and sharing of material / content
As a medium, videogames have become more sophisticated, to the point that they are now something that we can learn from. We produce materials that allow schools to bring gaming into the classroom, improving the learning experience for all involved and bringing the delivery of lessons in line with the habits of students in the 21st century.

How we do

Students use consoles habitually; they game for fun; they socialise online. They are digital natives, and our programs use their own daily pursuits as part of the learning content
For decades, classrooms have gone unchanged. The technology we have introduced - like ipads and laptops - are underused and expensive. It is time to bring gaming to learning
We bring video games into the classroom in ways that compliment and enhance the learning experience, incorporating them alongside existing areas of study to reinforce, refine and cultivate academic competency. In addition, we bring the pedagogical approach that best realizes these aims, with complete courses, sample materials, lesson guides and hardware to make the experience a rewarding one all involved.