What we do

"A chart speaks more than a thousand words." We are Chartipedia, a startup developing an open content sharing platform for data visualization and information design. Chartipedia is an incubatee of Cyberport in Hong Kong, iDendron @ the University of Hong Kong and an alumni of xEdu accelerator in Finland. We are the first Hong Kong startup granted the Finnish Startup Permit.

Why we do

We have the vision to become Wikipedia and Pinterest for visual data. Tired of reading long texts? Bored with Excel charts? While data visualization has emerged as the solution, where to find and share data art? Chartipedia is the place where creators can share data visualization made with different tools, and where readers get quick digests of any topics.

How we do

Wikipedia was launched in 2001 and we are still using it. We are not going to replace it but to bring a new learning experience for people from all over the world. We aspire to create a global chart community for knowledge sharing. Started as a data visualization curator on Instagram @chartipedia, we have just launched a data visualization content sharing platform which brings together creators, readers, educators and corporates. It's the Pinterest for visual data but we aim to bring the impact that Wikipedia has made. Find us on Facebook @Chartipedia.