What we do

Company Overview Careyou Beauty is a pioneer in semi-permanent make-up that has set the trend in Korea and Taiwan. In 2008, Careyou Beauty was the first to introduce Korean semi-permanent 3D eyebrow with manual hair-stroke embroidery technique and invisible eyeliner into Hong Kong. Careyou Beauty was founded by Carey Cheung, a professional semi-permanent eyebrow make-up artist. Carey is a beauty columnist for the MAG Fortune magazine and has more than 10 years of experience as a model, a make-up artist and a stylist. Taking a personalized approach in eyebrow shape design, Carey’s clientele includes singers, actors, professional models, make-up artists, beauticians, lawyers and doctors. She has gained trust from professionals in various disciplines over the years as the rejuvenating looks she created have given an image boost to her clients who work in conservative professions. Carey’s work has been popular among young, stylish individuals who value beauty. Product/service: Semi Permanent Makeup Service, a long term low-maintenance solution for eye makeup. Carey Cheung will personally spend time shaping your brows into their ideal shape and uses 3D Hairstroke Embroidery technique to create natural looking brows that have real dimension. Other services included eyebrow trimming, eyeliner, lips and hairline treatment. Brand: Asia leading luxury eyebrow service by SPMU specialist Carey Cheung. Link: http://www.careyoubeauty.com We are expanding and we want you to be a part of our success! We are currently located in Tin Hau, within 2 months time will be opening in The Landmark Central, join us in becoming Hong Kong's Top Semi Permanent Makeup Beauty Team!