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ニオう、ニオわない?洗濯物ニオイチェッカー「ニューノーズ」開発 / 花王

(English Follows) ニオイをかいで洗濯するかを判断することがあると回答した人は全体の約6割だったという。そこで、洗濯物ニオイチェッカーとしてニューノーズを開発!







Anyone in need of a new a #NewNose? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!
We present you the ultimate ‘New Nose - The Laundry Check Smeller’ by 花王(Kao Corporation)

Being alive is a smelly business, isn’t it? Fortunately, we came up with a device to give people peace of mind by telling them whether they smell before they become unwitting social pariahs.

The ‘New Nose’ is designed as part of the promotional campaign for #NewBeads, a new Landry detergent by KAO. The device is shaped as a nose and comes with built-in smell sensors to assess clothes’ odor, and 3 male & female characters to tell your sticky level. You can also connect this device to a weather app.

We had the amazing opportunity to work from the early stages of planning, design and development.
As this device is unfortunately not for sale, we filmed some short introductory movies presenting you the 3 male and female voice samples, and how the device works.

You can watch the videos here. Sorry, they are only in Japanese, but I bet some anime lovers will enjoy the voices though. https://www.kao.co.jp/newbeads-cp/

Have a nice fresh smelly day!

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