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今回のLIVEセッションで活用したAIは、「Google Magenta」。人間の演奏をニューラルネットワークで分析して、続きのメロディを自動生成するソフトウェアで、言い換えれば、”人間の演奏の続きを考えてくれるAI”です。今回は人間のピアニストとのセッションを行いました。



Experimental Jazz Session between Human & AI.

A live music session held at Dentsu Hall, Tokyo.
Project based on Google Magenta and the predictive power of its recurrent neural networks to generate additional music following the melody inputs. The AI generates the continuation of the melody (OUTPUT) based on Length, Scale, Velocity and Tempo found in the human INPUT data.

As we all know, AI is mostly used in image analysis, language processing, but its existence in those fields goes unnoticed most of the times. Therefore, it was a challenge for us to visualize the existence of the AI system and turn it into a means of entertainment at the same time. The obvious answer was motion graphics, used to visualize both the INPUT & OUTPUT Data. BIRDMAN was in charge of data visualization.

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