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What we do

Founded by the management team of E*TRADE, 8 Securities was born from our desire to reinvent online investing in Hong Kong. A secure service with an elegant online and mobile experience with great customer service, we put control in the hands of our customers to personalize their own investing experience with the latest technology while sharing ideas with a forward looking community through an integrated social network. The business is fully funded and launched in 2011.

Why we do

We’re blowing the world of investing wide open…and everyone is invited. We believe everyone deserves the same access to world-class investing as the big guys. Whether you are new to investing or you are an experienced trader, we have the solution for you. Our mission is to use technology to make growing your money simpler, smarter and more affordable. We are licensed in Hong Kong under the Securities & Futures Commission and in Japan under the Financial Services Agency. Our products and services are available in English, Chinese and Japanese. Our team is dynamic, diverse and bound by a passion for great technology and products. We welcome new ideas, we debate, we take risks and we move forward together. As a team we have a direct impact on the future of 8 Securities and the industry as a whole. We live and breath agile development which supports the fluid nature of our business. We believe in mentoring and continuous improvement.

How we do

Our mobile apps Chloe, Asia's first robo-advisor, aims to help clients achieve major goals in life (ex: wedding, house purchase, education, retirement,...) by putting together a financial plan around disciplined savings and investments. Customer deposits are invested in a globally diversified portfolio of Exchange Traded Funds. Chloe monitors progress towards those goals and guides client's through the process. Customer's can start investing with as little as $100. With Tradeflix we re-invented the trading experience to be simple, mobile first, fast and fun. Our aim was to create the shortest path between a trading ideas and the trades execution. Tradeflix is Asia's first $0 commission trading service. As an extra bonus, we also calculate your investment scores to assist you in understanding and managing the risk and diversification of your stock portfolio. Tradeflix is smart trading on the go.