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Wantedly is a hiring platform that helps you build, strengthen and
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Find purpose-driven candidates that are excited to join your team.
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Research shows that 64.7% of job seekers say that not knowing, or disagreeing with, a company’s mission, values or purpose is a deal-breaker when considering a future employer.

By going beyond the job post, you will find candidates who share the same values as your team.

Bring your company culture to life

Go beyond the job post;
showcase your company mission, vision, and values to make your brand stand out to jobseekers.

Expand Your Talent Search

Level up for your job posts: dive into the WHAT, WHY and HOW behind your company. Share elements of your team's culture, aspirations and milestones to attract the right talent.
Find the right candidate: fresh graduates / interns / full-time / part-time

Build Your Employer Brand

Wantedly will help you create content to communicate your employer brand. Leverage Wantedly's channels to share authentic stories to job seekers and build followers who are lining up to apply to your organization!
Articles, Interviews, Video content to reach and engage with talent.

Actively Scout for Candidates

Find more applicants by actively reaching out to candidates that fit your company culture with Wantedly's scout function. Great talents, high response rates and most importantly - easy to use!
Reach passive job seekers/ 20% Reply Rate / Flexible Search Settings

Unlimited job posts and hiring.

No success fees, no hidden fees.
Lower your overall recruitment costs and reduce your cost per hire with Wantedly.

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Employer Brand
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Brand Presence
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